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I’m the girly girl. But not in your typical ‘I love everything pink’ sort of way. I love to go out to eat but I also love to cook. The farmer’s market is my favorite place on earth (besides my grandma’s house). I’m obsessed with the color yellow. I love to shop, paint my nails, wear stilettos, design and decorate my new beauty room (try to imagine an oversized closet meets a cute boutique clothing store), and compile fashion inspiration binders. I’m a new home owner and am currently trying to decorate my Victorian style home with the perfect mix of traditional and modern style… it’s harder than it sounds. I try to keep up with the hottest new restaurants and bars/clubs in Chicago… I’ll pass along my experiences as I go, for better or for worse.

You’ll quickly find out I love animals more than most people. I’m a vegetarian and an animal/environmental activist when I’m not doing the marketing for the downtown Chicago company I work for. I’m really into organic and local food and have starting compiling a cookbook from the hundreds of magazines I had. I’ve been known to try to turn people vegetarian (although I’ve never been successful). I’ll try my hardest to keep it to a minimum.

My biggest pet peeves are slow walkers and guys with little hands. I also hate those shoes with all the individual toes.

My entries will include restaurant reviews (my fellow birds will supplement your need to know about meat, if that’s your thing), what I’m cooking at home, my love for wine, my travel adventures, and stuff about my beauty room. I’ll also keep you up to date on the hottest (and the not-so-hot) fashion trends.


Okay, I admit it, I am a crazy cat lady. My cat, Parsons, is the loveĀ of my life. I just need to clear that up straight away.

When not at home cuddling with my cat, I love going to shows, stuffing my face, exploring Chicago, over caffeinating myself, imbibing delicious beers, and telling people I am going to join a gym. I’ve been blessed with the ability to tell people who they look like, whether it be a Disney character or 1980’s James Spader. If we ever meet in real life, ask me to show you how high I can kick, because I can kick really frickin’ high.

My posts will likely focus on: what music I am listening to, what shows I am attending, what I am cooking up in my poorly-ventilated kitchen, how and why I love Friday Night Lights, my favorite Chicago hangs, how to win at farmers’ marketing, and why Vans lace-ups are the best shoe ever invented. I’m also really good at guessing numbers.


I grew up wearing neon tracksuits on the south side of Chicago. I’m one of those English majors who never wants to teach. I spent most of my senior year of college watching clips of British television on youtube. I can’t leave a productive, normal voicemail to save my life. I like farmers’ markets, riding bikes, winning games, Kevin Costner baseball movies, borrowing my dog, jigsaw puzzles, making sandwiches, watching RHONJ episodes I’ve already seen, eating sandwiches, colored paper, cookbooks with pictures of every dish, documentaries about how industry is ruining the world, preparing for the zombie apocalypse, and chronicling my food-ventures at Hannalamode, a blog that my mom really likes. I hope to broaden my eco-friendly, food-centric mindset by writing about really important stuff like reality television.

Some of our favorites:


Favorite blog: The Pursuit Aesthetic

Pizza topping: Broccoli

Favorite movie: Beaches (although I hate to admit it)

What kind of bird are you: canary

Beauty essential:

Makeup: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine

Nail polish: Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet

Accessory: white and gold Marc Jacobs watch


Favorite blog: a cup of jo

Pizza topping: pepperoni and green olive

Favorite movie: Empire Records

What kind of bird are you: robin

Beauty essential: eye liner, Maybeline unstoppable to be specific


Favorite blog: smittenkitchen

Pizza topping: pesto

Favorite movie: Braveheart

What kind of bird are you: bluebird

Beauty essential: mascara/Chance by Chanel

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  1. Amy, I am with you on the slow walkers, though I am a wearer of the toe shoes. BUT IT’S OK! Because I don’t walk slow in them.

    Shannon, I am loving your honesty about being a cat lady. Perhaps because I, too, am a self-confessed cat lady. Who’s to know!

    Hanna, I really want to link to a photo of said neon track suit wearing. Just saying.

    Keep at it, ladies!

    • Love the support! And slow walking is okay if your shoes are fabulous:)

    • I just now realized you said you’re a wearer of the toe shoes, Mairead. Oh well. Like you said, at least you’re not a slow walker! And if you could please, please, please find a way to get Shannon and I a picture of Hanna and this track suit we would owe you big!


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