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Summer Book Club Session One

Welcome to the first session of the Three Birds Blog Summer Book Club (woosh, that’s a mouthful!) Beware, this ain’t cho Mama’s book club. Oprah’s tastes will not be represented here. This is Summer book club, meaning our selections should be read on the beach with a tasty beverage in hand – James Joyce need not apply.Our first selection was “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns” by the delightful Mindy Kaling. A few of the members seemed to have concerns about Kaling, but I feel safe to say that in the end everyone loved the book. Heartwarming at times, hilarious always, and chock-full of real world wisdom, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” is the perfect summer read and I would recommend it strongly to anyone who enjoys laughter in any capacity. Also, ladies, there are some sections that you should share with your brothers, male friends, fathers, and leave casually lying around for your significant others to read.

To get the discussion rolling, we sent out a questionnaire for the members to fill out prior to our meeting. These quick questions got the ball rolling in a big way, and yielded some pretty entertaining results. Here are the questions and a few of our favorite responses.

In an early chapter, Kaling discusses alternate titles for her book. If you were writing a memoir like Kaling’s, what would your title be?

  • “Is That Smell Coming From Me?”
  • “I Kind of Really Hate You”
  • “Always Keep an Extra Business Outfit and Going Out Outfit at Work – How Being Prepared has Changed My Life”
  • “Baking is More Fun When You Share – And Other Important Things”
  • “In Defense of English Majors”
  • “Always a Lady”
  • “Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Network Television”

Kaling expresses her want to date men instead of boys. She gives some examples of men versus boys. “Men make reservations.” “Boys bring a knapsack to work.”
Give some similar examples.


  • Men research the perfect birthday present.
  • Men can be trusted to go to the grocery store without you and get real food.  Or an approximation of real food.
  • Men take care of you when you’re sick.
  • Men have a credit card/know their credit score.
  • Men check the weather and plan accordingly.
  • Men are Ron Swanson.
  • Men go on vacation to somewhere other than Las Vegas.


  • Boys ask for ranch dressing at nice restaurants.
  • Boys act like they are dying when they have a scratchy throat.
  • Boys wear Abercrombie and Fitch.
  • Boys sleep past noon on a regular basis.
  • Boys think an untucked button up and jeans is dressing up.
  • Boys have apartments that you would rather just not be at.

Kaling lists a few “non-traumatic things” that make her cry, such as Joni Mitchell’s Blue album and seeing her mother cry. What are some things that make you cry for seemingly no reason?

Close friendship plays a large part in this book. Kaling outlines some of her friendship “Rights and Responsibilities” such as “I will hate and relike people for you,” “I can borrow all your clothes,” and “I will try to like your boyfriend five times.” Make up a few friendship rules of your own.

  • I will rewatch anything from the ’80s or ’90s you didn’t see because your mom had a problem with Blockbuster.
  • I won’t tell you that you look good if you look horrible.
  • I will forward every funny email/blogpost/youtube video.
  • I will never mention how much/fast you are eating.
  • I got your dinner this time, you get my dinner next time.
  • I will be cool with seeing your boobs/you seeing mine.
  • If there are mozzarella sticks on the menu, we are getting them.
  • You can wear pajamas when I come over.
  • I will read my texts outloud and make you dissect them with me, and will you will do the same to me.

In the Hollywood section of the book, Kaling discusses female roles in romantic comedies that aren’t real, which one of these are you most like:

  • The klutz
  • The ethereal weirdo
  • The woman who is obsessed with her career and is no fun at all
  • The forty-two-year-old mother of the thirty-year-old male lead
  • The sassy best friend
  • The skinny woman who is beautiful and toned but also gluttonous and disgusting
  • The woman who works in an art gallery

Hanna acting out some sort of…something

Throughout the book, Kaling shows off several pictures from her youth, most of which look nothing like her. Email me a picture from your childhood, and we will play “Which book club member is this?” (Also, the funniest picture wins a prize.)

I don’t think the ladies would appreciate me posting these on the Internet, but, needless to say they were hilarious.

Many bottles were consumed.

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  1. Perhaps I’m biased, seeing as I am a member of the club, but this is very cute.

    Already started reading Swamplandia! Can’t wait for the next meeting.

  2. Love it! Great post. Sounds like my kind of book! I wish I could join your book club!


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