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I recently started a new job with a VERY strict dress code. Blouses. Blazers. Pant suits. Slacks. Yes, I said slacks — but I’m going to have to check with my grandma to see what those even are because according to some, I’ve got it all wrong (no offense, Grandma!).
I desperately need to make dressing like an adult more fun. So I’ve been on the lookout for the newest office-friendly fashion trends that I can better relate to. My favorite: collarless dress shirts. They’re appropriate for my fanciest meetings/events but lean more towards the business casual end — which appeals to the younger workforce.  Here are my picks — all under $100 (they’re cute, but realistically I’m still not going to wear them on the weekends so they need to be affordable).

H&M $9.95: $47:

Vince Camuto $79:

H&M $34:

H&M $34:

H&M $34: $53:

Nordstrom $78:

Nordstrom $73:

Nordstrom $91:

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  1. I work at a professional office with a VERY strict dress code. Thanks for the tip about the collarless dress shirts! I love H&M’s line!

  2. slacks huh?? I haven’t heard pants referred to that way in ages- or at least by anyone in the younger generation. Cute blouses!

  3. I would definitely wear some of these outside of the office! Not so sure about those grey pleated “slacks” though.

  4. these are lovely and totally bridge the gap between office wear and fashion. I want to wear the billowy red floral to Thanksgiving!

  5. Interesting Whooping Crane News. I don’t know anything about fashion. & I am too fat to wear any of these clothes.. Enjoy.

  6. p.s. Love the lilac blouse.

  7. Totes agree on the gray slacks comment. Lame-o.



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