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Come and trim our Christmas tree

Whenever I hit a gift-giving wall, I think to myself “If I were them, what would I like?” It helps me take into account my relationship with the person, and what kind of message and feeling I want my gift to convey. I could try to pretend that this post detailing our Christmas lists is in some way related to this practice, but…that would be a lie. We just wanted to show off all the cute stuff landing underneath our tree this year! Hopefully you can find something for yourself or someone on your list amongst all our prospective new goodies. Enjoy:

Shannon’s wish list:

  • Lookmatic Apprentice Glasses – I had to dig deep this year to muster up a Christmas list. I have everything I need! The only option: double up. While I love my Tory Burch frames, I wanted an extra, more stylish pair. And at $80 the price is right!

  • Pajamas – Not to overshare, but I am not a huge pajama fan. But, turns out, my apartment can be very cold and I need some warm jammy jams. And Santa, cotton only please!
  • Friday Night Lights Season Two – Usually I’m not a dvd owner, my heart lies with Netflix. But, FNL is a rare exception  I can put this season on and do chores, if I am staying home sick, or if my hope in all other television is lost.

  • Immersion blender – For years I have deluded myself into thinking I can get away with a table top blender, but my friends, the end is near. I have burned myself on one too many hot soups. Its time for a revolution.

  • Clapless Curling Wand – Oddly similar in shape to the immerssion blender, this hair curling device will also save me from burning myself. Guess my list has developed a theme!

Hanna’s wish list:

  • Fair Isle leggings – The best gifts are often unexpected, things that you wanted, but didn’t know you wanted, and that you wouldn’t buy for yourself. These gray Fair Isle leggings are exactly that. And I love them.

  • Iditarod Insider subscription — GPS tracking and live video of the start and finish? You know that’s right.
  • Essie nail polish – This color, bobbing for baubles, haunts my dreams.

  • Sofia Coppola, Blanc de blancs – I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the size of my apartment and am convinced we just have too much stuff, so I’m aiming for things I know I’ll use this year. Fact: Champs gets dranken.

  • Icon movie theater gift card — Movies are way expensive these days, theater money is the gift that keeps giving.
  • Snow — I have a lot of favorite holiday activities that just won’t be the same without a romantic blanket of soft glittering snow on the ground. Fingers crossed for a white Christmas, or zoo lights and tree chopping won’t be the same.

Amy’s wish list:

My wish list reality: If I’m getting any presents this year, I’m the one who’s going to be doing the buying. My love bug is taking me on a two-week dream vacay to Austria then Amsterdam for Christmas and New Year’s, which means he’s out. I had to call my mom, dad, sister, and the rest of my poor family and tell them I wasn’t going to be home for Christmas for the second year in a row. So with good reason, they’re out. Good thing I just upgraded in the job department!

Here’s my wish list to myself:

  • An amazing bed situation. I only recently realized how much this matters to your wellbeing because I was never a huge sleeper. My sister came to stay a few weeks back and I purchased a heated mattress pad ($79.99 discounted from $131 and worth every penny!) for her to use during her stay. When she left, I got curious and put it on my bed. Slept like a baby. It’s now my mission to make my bed and everything on it and near it luxurious! My inspiration… 
  • I tried this Zara coat ($159) on in the store and it fit like a glove. It would be perfect for those cold days you have to dress up.
  • A heater for our backyard. When we were in Italy last December, almost every restaurant or café we went to still had their outdoor seating open and heaters like this made it possible.
  • On a less materialistic note… my last (and most important) Christmas wish is for all animals to have a safe and warm home. I know this sounds like a 5-year olds wish since it’s so unrealistic but if everyone does a little something to help, we’ll be a lot closer. If you don’t know what to get the animal lover in your life, think about donating to an animal welfare organization on their behalf. I support the Humane Society of the United States by donating $19 a month but you can also just make a one-time gift donation! What are you dreaming of this holiday season? 
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