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Giving thanks is the new orange

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is pretty friggin’ awesome. And unless your name is Chandler Bing, there’s a good chance you think so, too. There are endless things to love about the holiday: pumpkin pie, turkey dinners (or tofurkey, don’t judge!), the gathering of family and friends, sweet potatoes, the Macy’s Day parade, a few days off work, and the fact that it means Christmas is right around the corner! While the turkey vs. tofurkey battle rages on at three birds’ headquarters, the three of us do agree that this time of year is special because it gives you a chance to take a step back from your busy life and really appreciate the things you normally take for granted. Even if it’s the little things that bring you joy, now is the perfect time to celebrate them!

Here’s what we’re most thankful for:

This year, Hanna is thankful for:

  • Friends and family ties (not the TV shows) – all the folks who give me an excuse to keep a bulletin board of pictures, cards, and memories.
  • Early winter’s holiday glow – Christmas, surprises, presents, hugs, warmth, wassailing, shortbread, pizza, and twinkle lights.
  • Peppermint tea in my favorite mug.
  • Sandwiches.
  • Our reverse osmosis water filter – and that guy who installed it.
  • The farmers’ markets, restaurants, CSAs, delis, grocery shops, and people who let us eat and live seasonally.
  • Words with Friends.
  • Sharing.

Shannon is thankful for:

  • Friends I consider family. Family I consider friends. A boyfriend I consider both.
  • Coffee in the morning/beer in the evening.
  • My cat, Parsons. The best cuddle partner, playmate, and alarm clock a girl could have.
  • Boots. What did people wear on their feet before boots came into fashion?
  • Netflix instant and the hours of entertainment it has given me. (Cross reference: Friday Night Lights)
  • Chicago. Is there a better place to live? Good music, awesome food, nice people, two whole seasons…what else is there?

Amy is thankful for:

  • The wild animals that make my life so full of joy (and chaos!)
  • My garbage disposal.
  • My new home. It’s the first place since I was 18 that I really feel like I’m home when I’m there (besides Grandma’s house, of course)
  • Speaking of Grandma’s house, Grandma. She is one awesome lady.
  • Being able to see the world with the man I love.
  • Longman and Eagle’s PBR Breakfast for making it acceptable to drink a beer in the morning.
  • Finally, my two fellow birds. Along with my family, friends (espeically my two besties – Rachel and Amanda), and the best bf ever, they mean a lot to me! Thanks Hanna and Shannon for being so awesome!!
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