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Okay. Flight is booked, hotel is confirmed, vacation time has been approved by the boss (wo)man, and the camera is charged. Fantastic! Now all you have to do is pack…. but wait a minute, that’s the hardest part! On top of that, once you pack you have to decide what you’re going to wear to the airport. And let’s all be honest – comfort is a must, but we all want to look cute on our first day of vacay!

Before we get to the outfit sets, let’s touch on a few important points:

  • Incorporate key pieces that you can use in each, or many of your outfits (i.e. shoes, bags, scarves, jackets, etc.)
  • Key pieces should be neutral for the most part. Then you can include some pops of color with a dress or pair of pants that don’t take up too much valuable space in your luggage.
  • Comfortable should never be sloppy!
For the airport….
The look:
The pieces:
Sweater $100
Tank $110
Jeans – Victoria Beckham collection
Purse: $110

Necklace $6.80 Forever 21, in stores

Scarf $195 (More than I would ever pay for a scarf, I saw one very similar at Forever 21 for $12.80.)

For museums and lunching…

The look:

The pieces:

Shirt $40

Cape $220 Juicy Couture ( out of stock

Shorts $180

Tights $15

Booties $150

Ring $70Purse same as airport outfit

For sightseeing…

The look:The pieces:Shirt $49

I don’t know where shorts are from (sorry!)Shoes $150Purse $630Earrings $13Scarf $326Sunglasses $9.26Lipstick $48

For date night…

The look:

The pieces:

Dress $145

Necklace $28

Trench coat $135

Shoes$850 (I try to make everything here affordable but I just couldn’t resist these shoes… they’re just so pretty!)



Vacation is the perfect time to wear that hat you’ve always wanted to….

May I suggest this one from Urban Outfitters for $14.99?

Did someone say vintage??

Did I mention it’s only $50 here?

This is your last chance to enter our contest to win the cutest passport cover ever! Comment on any of our travel posts to enter! Winner will be picked randomly and announced at the end of the day, today, Friday October 7.

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  1. These outfits make me want to go on vacation! Love love love the shots in the sightseeing outfit. I don’t think I could make it very long in those booties though.

  2. Those owl earrings are so cute. For just a few days, I try to pack with a theme color (this weekend I’m going with navy blue, brown, and gray neutrals with a few color pops) so I can mix and match the outfits if I feel like it. Your yellow theme is perfect for inevitable rearranging of the plan!

    • You’ve done some impressive polyvore planning for your trip though. I say stick with what you’ve got. Then make Alex take you on a separate vacation!

  3. Love this post, even if it makes me feel like I am too old. I have a pair of Esprit shoes just like the Sshouldhoes that I have kept since high school! I am so glad I held on to them… especially now that I know that I can take a wonderful vacation and wear them to look cool.


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