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Online shopping just got easier

While the physical act of shopping is one of my favorite hobbies and stress relievers, the convenience of online shopping can’t be beat. But which site can you trust to deliver the trendiest, highest quality, fast-arriving threads at a reasonable price? That almost sounds too good to be true, but I’ve found a few worth sharing…

  • Akira is a boutique clothing and shoe store in Chicago with about 5 or 6 locations. I love shopping in their stores but for those of you who don’t live in Chicago, this is the next best option. Their clothing is very inexpensive and while the quality isn’t top notch, I’ve had some of their dresses for years. I shop here mostly for going out clothes and accessories but sometimes you can find staple pieces, too.

Blazer $39

  • This European retailer offers free standard shipping to the US and their products are very reasonably priced. The quality is exceptional, especially for the price! Find anything here from skirts to sweaters to dresses to pants to jackets and coats. They’re having a special 20% off sale right now on their fall collection! Keep in mind, though, that they list the prices in Euros and the current conversion rate is about $1.36 to every €1 so it’s a little pricier than it looks like at first glance.
€35 for this dress

€24 for this scalloped skirt

  • A special thanks to my dear friend, Amanda, who introduced me to this fabulous website. This online clearance outlet is perfect for ladies who love designer products but not designer prices. Of course, the quality is outstanding here so you’re most likely still going to pay a little more than the websites above but it’s worth it! You can save up to 70% off of original prices on great pieces.

Maroon corduroys  for $99 – originally $330

  • Neiman Marcus’ Last Call website is a department store clearance site. I find this site to be a little less trendy but a good source for the basics.
  • is a great place to find shoes, bags, and accessories with tons of brands to choose from. 

Boots for $129

  •  is an email alert that will let you know when the pieces you’re looking for from your favorite designer – in your size – go on sale. You can even choose how often you would like your email notifications to be sent!
  • I could probably write a whole post just about this site alone but I’ll let you explore for yourself. A few quick highlights: you can search by item and color and if you click on the item you can see which retailer it came from, how much it is, and how to purchase it. You can also ask their fashion experts questions such as what should you wear on an interview, or how to wear a certain piece of clothing, etc. The last function of this site that I’ll give away – which is my favorite – is the ability to create your own inspiration boards from this site… and you can even add them to when you’re done! 

What are some of your favorites?

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  1. Fantastic! …I frequent none of these sites. Will have to start!

  2. Thanks for the Shout out! Loving the new blog.

    • Ever since you said Top Shop changed your life, I’ve been thinking we need a post about it! Soooo looking forward to checking it out with you!

  3. Asos now has a US website- with US currencies listed on the site. Way less confusing! Check them out at

  4. that Asos dress is adorable! This list is dangerously fantastic. But at least these sites are more budget conscious.

  5. Love the blog – and especially love this post! I love Zappos for shoes, can’t beat free overnight shipping and returns. Also love Piperlime and Modcloth.

    • Thanks Taylor! I was really close to adding Modcloth to the list. I’ve never heard of Piperlime…. that’s on my list of things to do today… thankfully it’s payday!!

  6. Why thank you Yes these missing aoeesscrics must be getting robbed by some little troll or something! Mine have completely vanished! I will probably find them in a few years when I have forgotten all about them !x

  7. you wear blush colours so well, nloamlry they look a bit washed out with blonde hair but you make the whole look so beautifully ethereal. I cant believe those shorts are H&M too – lunchtime mission finding them tomorrow!

  8. Thanks for starting the ball rolling with this insight.

  9. Sara,I have question.My hair color is dark brown/black. I want to dye my hair into dark red / bundgruy. I don\’t want to bleaching my hair.I want to use permanent dye. I live in Indonesia. Commonly available brands are L\’oreal and Garnier. Do you have any suggestions, what color suit me? And which products are right for me and should I use?I also want to have a few streaks/highlights in my hair with bright colors. Such as blonde, or whatever fits.I don\’t know if it matters, but my skin is yellow Asia. So it might be to adjust the color of my hair.Thank you so much


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