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Working in a small office for forty hours a week can be flat-out painful. The bone-chilling air conditioning, the mindless pleasantries, hour-long meetings, it’s enough to make a girl go all Oliver from The OC. Truth time, it’s 2:30 and you’ve started your end-of-the-day countdown already. The easiest (and funnest) way to kill a half hour is to chit-chat with your comrades in suffering – work pals. Luckily, the corner office I share with Hanna neighbors Amy’s, and she is only a bellow away. Many idle half hours have been spent discussing our mutual interests: dining out, clothes, our local farmers’ market, nail polish, recipes, relationship drama, Natalie Portman, cupcakes, stories about crazy girls, and the million other random things that girls enjoy. In no time these half hours became more regular than rare, and (in fear of losing our jobs) we decided to take it to the Internet, like any other self-involved American would.

Welcome to Three Birds Blog, a place for reading and discussing everything the three of us spend hours pouring over in our little office. We all love to eat, shop, drink, dine, travel, smack talk, upstage, cook, market with the farmers, read blogs, complain about our (completely wonderful) boyfriends, show pictures of our pets, and most of all chat. While we all enjoy these things, we share different areas of expertise.

Hanna is our eat-in-season, farmers’ marketing, I-have-recipe-for-that guru. She comes up with innovative and oh so delicious ways to eat local, fresh, and well. Hanna is happiest quoting Braveheart and Clueless and can always recommend the perfect movie for your mood. She’ll try to keep the trashy television to a minimum while bringing you updates on all things domestic and enjoyable.

Amy acts as our stylish, jet-setting, trends-savy, always-knows-the-hip-places member. She is quick with a restaurant suggestion and amazes us with her never-ending, always-growing wardrobe. While we are all healthy eaters, Amy is the only vegetarian. She will be dishing out (oh, see what’s happening here) great veggie friendly meals and restaurant tips alongside her fashion and travel guides.

Shannon represents our indie side. She constantly finds the newest, greatest bands, knows too much about coffee and beer, has been to all the venues in town and lives in her moccasins. Shannon will be reporting to you on all things music – shows, albums, videos, tours, you name it.

We hope that you will find a kindred spirit in us. Someone to guide you through the throes of womanhood, or at least keep you entertained when that 2:30 lull hits ya!

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